Thursday, October 28, 2010

Custom Tutu & Headband

I received a custom order for a little tutu and headband.  My friend had bought some for her older daughter and cousins but was at a loss of what to put the little one in.  I got so excited about this since tiny little things are so fun, easy, and adorable!!!  Who could resist the request?  So as soon as I got the colors and the material I went right to work.  This is what I come up with.

She was dying to put it on, even though it wasn't for her, since it was way stretchy it still fit!

This one is for her!  Custom skirt with tulle, witch hat applique, and a set of baby legs to match!

And here she is all dressed up and ready to go, but it is still a little early.  Isn't she adorable?!?  I think so!  (I should've posted the "mean" witch, that one is just too funny!)  Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. I freaking love making tutus... So fun well maybe not making them but seeing abby twirl around in it.... so Cute!! I have only made ones with tool (spellcheck lol) but I have been wanting to do some with ribbon!! Love ya

  2. I love it too! They have to be some of the easiest projects ever!! I love the tulle for the thickness but the ribbon added some great detail. I put the ribbon on the same way as the tulle, super easy!
    Luv ya too!


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