Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Can't Believe It!!

Wow, what a crazy day this has been!  I would like to say thank you to all that wished me a Happy Birthday.  I have slightly been in denial this whole day, I have turned the dreaded 30!  No, I don't feel older, but I have only wanted to be home and relax in my comfy sweats and do nothing.  (Maybe trying to avoid this whole thing.)  We instead spent it with our families and I loved every minute of it, I'm just a home person.

I do feel that I have matured and grown up from the person I was in my teens or twenties even.  I feel horrible for the way I acted at times and how immature I was.  I know that I hurt and offended people at times and I am deeply SORRY, I wish I could take that all back now!

Life is too short and I have learned to not take anything for granted.  (This has been a motto I have tried to live by since my world was turned upside down unexpectedly about 6 years ago.)

This is a post about how I feel and think.  I know I am always posting about crafts and decor. but I felt that I had to get this out there.  Please continue to follow me I promise not to get this serious in a long long time.  I'm not a person to wear my emotions on the outside of me and I tend to bury them, this is something that has really been bugging me.  So there you have it.  Sorry!!!


  1. I hope you had an awesome birthday! You deserve it. I just wanted you to know that I think you are awesome! I have always thought that. I hope life gives you all the wonderful blessings you deserve! Miss you!

  2. Ohh, Thanks Carolynn! If I could only be as strong and sweet as you. You are just the BEST and I miss you as well. I have been reading up on you on your wonderful blog and girl I think we need to get together sometime, I didn't realize how much we have in common. Family, Crafts, and I have even considered main lining my Coke so I don't have to exert the energy to lift the can, cup, or whatever, because I get so wrapped up on the project at hand. Take care! I has been great getting back in touch. Luv Ya!


Thanks for the love!