Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zebra & Orange Print Stroller/Diaper Bag

Here is one of my latest creations.  (I have to say that I am so proud of myself.)  My hubby bought me a Bernina sewing machine and I have been teaching myself to sew.  I used to think, SEWING?!?  I will never do that, but.....it really is rewarding.  I thought if I need something, I'll just go buy it.  Not the case anymore.  I love to design my own things, put colors and patterns together, and I love it when somebody compliments what I have made.  In fact the first time I took this thing out in public I had girls stopping and asked where I got it and they loved my bag.  It is sooo handy and perfect!!!  The outside fabric is upholstery fabric and the lining is cotton, both purchased at JoAnn's Fabric (of course with a 40% off coupon).  You can see that the handle is two pieces, that is so you can un-snap it, put the long piece inside the bag, and you are left with two smaller straps that snap together to make loops so you can attach them around a stroller handle.


The inside of the bag is lined with lots and lots of pockets.  I even made some for the sides to hold bottles, but  made them to large enough to even hold a drink for me.   (Funny story here... I had my hubby help me with the dimensions since I was going from flat to circular and he said whatever you do you can't tell any of the guys at work that I helped you with this, he didn't say I couldn't tell my blog friends.  Sush our little secret.  ;))


This has also become a new fav of mine.  Dress forms of any shape, size, or color.  This comes in handy for taking pictures of projects since taking them of yourself is a little awkward.  Guess I should have dressed her up for the occasion, huh?


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  1. I like your dress form the way that it is! I would love one for myself! ;) That is awesome that you are teaching yourself to sew, you will continue to love this skill! (I know I love sewing!)

    I would love to have you come and link up to my Fantastic Friday party this week! http://ironvioletdesigns.blogspot.com


  2. Tara - YOu are so dang Creative! love your blog and all your cute ideas. You are amazing! have a great day! RAelyn

  3. Thanks Rae! You're also amazing in sooo many ways!

  4. I wish my diaper bag looked like that! Very nice!!

  5. Thanks Sue! I appreciate your visit and comment. Feel free to stop by again.

  6. Thanks for coming and linking up to Fantastic Friday, I hope that you will come and join us again tomorrow!


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