Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Young Women Theme Subway Art - Vinyl Wall Art, Graphics, Lettering Decals, Stickers

Hi Everyone!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend.  I wanted to post my weekend project and this is what I started with.  Awwww a blank canvas!  Luv these!

I was asked to redecorate the board  that changes each year with the new Young Women's Theme.  These was a ton of words and at first I was a little concerned about the challenge, but I happily accepted.  I also have received some questions on how to apply the vinyl.  First you want to make sure that the space you are applying it to is smooth, clean and dry.  Lay the vinyl on the area and get it centered - I always eyeball these, so use your best judgement.  Tape down one side so it stays centered in the place you desire.  Go to the other end or side and peel off the backing.  I only remove a small portion so I can continue to keep it centered.  (Sometimes with big projects it gets difficult with only 2 hands.)  Then you can lift off the tape and repeat the same process on the other end.  Once you have all the vinyl in place rub the design to make sure there is good adhesive and remove the application tape.  I highly recommend having a Coke on hand also, simply refreshing!

For this project I choose to do a two step application.  The next step was to apply the lettering and I followed the same above steps.

The measurements of the board is 7" x 4', so needless to say it is skinny and fairly long.  I do think that it turned out great and even better than I hoped.  So what do you think???  Here it is all ready  to be displayed.

Thanks for stopping and have a great day!  Oh, and to all my followers I've been thinking about doing some linky parties, are you in?  I'd love to see what you have been doing and making.  Give me some feedback.  Thanks!

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  1. This looks great!!! please come link this to our party over here: http://www.bubblynaturecreations.com/2011/02/project-party-weekend-heart-shaped-ice.html

    Have a great weekend!


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