Monday, March 7, 2011

How Easy Is That?!?

I have been doing a ton of research to try to improve my blog and my Etsy store, 
ya know more traffic, 
more followers, 
and of course more sales.
(Then there are followers who tell people and invite them to a blog.  Hint Hint!)

I have also gone to other people to ask for advice and suggestions.  
The biggest thing I have found is to make sure you have awesome photos,
 since really they sell your product.  
 I decided to try it out and ask for suggestions.

Here is my BEFORE photo...

(Wow, didn't realize how much of a mess I had going on.)

Here is my AFTER photo...

(Oh, so much better!)

What do you think?  

Huge difference, without a ton of $$$ spent, but a big, big difference.  All I did was purchase some foam boards from Walmart to use as a background and underneath the product.
Keep checking back, I promise better pictures will be coming.

Thanks for stopping!!!

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