Monday, March 21, 2011

What in the World is THIS???

This is my excuse for M.I.A. 

You are probably asking yourself, What is THAT???  

I know I have been to, and for a week I have stumped 3 different Dr.s', and still there hasn't been any answers.
Can you say frustrated?  Yep, me too!

This is my rash that started in the crease of my right elbow and slowly spread to my wrist and halfway up my bicep.  It itched, burned, swelled like a balloon, and hurt!

So as of Friday this is what they decided to do to.  They took a biopsy of my arm.  They numbed the area and took a chunk of my arm for testing.  And this was the worst part, they gave me a shot in the buttocks.  OH, the PAIN!!  And talk about a flashback to good old Dr. Perks days, for those of you that grew up in S.V. and had him as a Dr. know what I'm talking about.  This taken right when I got home and I am pretty proud of myself that I drove myself home afterwards.  Yeah, I probably shouldn't have, since I am not the strongest person when it comes to Dr.'s, Dr'.s Offices, needles, knives.  Ewwww!

I did kind-of have a pity party for myself too this weekend.  
So bad I just wanted to hear my Dad's voice on the phone telling me that everything will be fine.  Every time I got sick when I was little I found comfort in my Dad.  Since he's gone, I realize how much I miss that and everything else he did for me.  What would I give to have a few minutes to ask those questions that you always had the perfect answer to, to just sit and talk about nothing and feel like we accomplished everything, or to have one last hug, horse ride, or to hear that you are proud of and the things that I have accomplished.
Dad, I love you!
Thanks for everything you sacrificed for us and for being you!

I am hoping that they call me any time now with the results.  I want my life back!  I have had a fever, nausea, horrible shakes, and very weak!  

On the bright side, I was able to round up enough energy to make my sweet little Grandma's family favorite recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup.  It didn't taste as good as hers but it will have to do since, unfortunately she isn't here to make it for me.  I know that if she was she would've have surprised me at the door with it this weekend.  Miss ya Grandma, thanks for letting us have a few of your delicious recipes.  They will be forever cherished.

Here's wishing you all good health and I am hoping I will be back to posting as I was before and I'm crossing my fingers for a result.



  1. That looks awful I hope they figure out what is going on!! Keep me updated on it. I miss your dad also. He was so good to me. I was bad on the bus once(ok more then once. I was not alone in this) Your dad would say I'm going to have your dad ride the bus with you and I would say oh Reed. Well guess who showed up to ride the bus with me~ yes my dad.(No one elses parents showed up) I'm sure your dad and my dad were excited it was just the two of them to talk cows:)

  2. That does not look like fun at all!! I hope you start feeling better and find out what that is!! I miss Grandpa so much everyday!! Love you we should all get together at Grandmas this summer!!!

  3. Still no answers yet ladies, but I am dying to know!

    I have to agree that he probably just used it as an excuse and I have to dismiss the idea completely of you ever getting in trouble! Ha Ha

    A get together sounds great!

    BTW thanks for the comments, it makes me realize how special he is to others too and I love hearing stories. He was truly one of a kind!



Thanks for the love!