Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My DYSON Vacuum - My Favorite Cleaning Partner

Some pictures are not suitable for all viewers.
Ha Ha

You all are probably asking yourselves why have I posted a picture of my vacuum.  

Well..... I love it!

We have had it a couple of years now and I'm not tired one bit of the thing.
I enjoy getting it out once a week to see what nasty things I pick up.

I know CRAZY, huh?!?

For some odd reason I get huge satisfaction from cleaning.
With the help of my Dyson I can rest at ease knowing it is doing a very good job!
I admit they are pricey but I feel that it has been a great investment.
Instead of going to Walmart to buy a $50 - $60 vacuum every year in the middle of serious cleaning time, I've been able to invest the money somewhere else.
We've had it over 6 years and it is still going strong and I have never had a minutes trouble with this baby.

As you can see the canister is clear so you can see all the hair, dirt, food, whatever is in this things path.
Once the canister is full you simply take it off and dump out the nastiness.

Want to know something really cool about this gadget?  
It came equipped with all kinds of attachments.
For Stairs, Vehicles, Hard Wood, and Furniture.
Where do you put these attachments?
The handle pulls apart off the base of the vacuum and the handle becomes a hose.
Great way to reach those difficult places and projects that get neglected at times.

This post was not a sponsor post from Dyson.
I just wanted to share with you my love for the vacuum.
I know it is kind-of gross to see my dirtiness. 
But truly this is after a couple weeks worth of cleaning. 
I wanted the dirt to really show up in the pictures.
So you had a good idea of how fun this really is.
Well off to finish my cleaning for the week.


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