Monday, June 27, 2011

Homemade Gift

One of my friends recently had a Birthday.

She says she loves to get stuff that is homemade, so that is what she gets ALL the time!
I hope she never gets tired of this because I love doing fun new stuff and having an excuse to do these projects.

This was her Gift this year.

If you are wondering and want to make your own this is what I used.

A square piece of wood.
A decorative dowel.
(Normally used for stair railing.  But who needs that anyways, right?!?)

And for stability I used this end cap.
(This also has a dual purpose.  Ya, know, those caps that go on top of fence posts?!?  Yep, this is that!)

(Sorry about the blurry pictures, I was in a hurry and forgot to snap photos of the real thing.  These are taken off the HomeDepot website.)

I put it all together with some wood and screws.  
Let it dry overnight.

Painted, distressed it, and clear coated it.

I thought I was finished there but I couldn't. 
I ran to Walmart and found that adorable dish.
And then it was finished.
(Can you believe that I can complete a project without adding vinyl?  Simply Amazing!)

Yeah, right!

I filled that cute little bowl with the most divine "SNICKERS CAKE" ever!!!
Here is the recipe, make at your own risk.
(I will not held responsible for any harms or risks that come from this cake.)

If you are a chocolate and caramel lover this one's for you!
Everything in moderation, right?!?

1 German Chocolate Cake Mix
2 lbs. of caramels
 1/3 cup Milk
1 cube of Butter
Chopped Nuts
1 pkg. of Chocolate Chips
*Mix cake according to directions.
Pour 1/2 batter into greased 9x13 inch pan & bake on 350' for 15 minutes or until done
Melt caramels with milk and butter.
Pour over cake and top with nuts, then chocolate chips.
Pour remaining cake batter on top and bake at 250' for 15 minutes, then at 350' for 10-15 minutes.



  1. CUTE!!! I'm wanting some cake now:-)
    It won't let me post my comment so I'm going to try doing it anonymous.
    Hayley Ponciano

  2. Fair warning Hayley, since I've been known to try to eat the whole cake! It is so moist and delicious I can't stay away from it.


Thanks for the love!