Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Scenery around our Neck of the Woods

I thought I'd share some photos with you of what is happening around here.

Fortunately for us, this is not our house, but CRAZY for those people that own this place.
(These are not my photos, but I had to share!)

We live in Idaho and this last year was a great year for the snow pack here and in Wyoming.
Wyoming supplies water for the Farmers' summer irrigation.  
Shout out to WYOMING!!!

This past Monday, was a quiet day so the hubby took us for a ride to see how bad the flooding really was.
This is one of the many sites we see. 
There were people out sandbagging trying to prevent flooding and some had their homes completely barricaded to prevent the water from reaching their place.
Some people were even parking their cars on the main road and not in their driveway so they could get to their car if the water covers their drive.

There is no way this field will be able to have time to produce a crop
For those unfortunate farmers and landowners they have declared a disaster so there will be some relief to help compensate for the loss of crops and yearly income.

This photo gives you another idea of how deep the water really is.  
Check out those fence posts!

This is a blessing in disguise and in abundance.  
For years we have had to deal with a drought in this area.
This year the rivers, streams, and lakes will be replenished.
This year may the farmers may not have the best crop but in future years to come there shows to be some promise.

For those that might be concerned, at the time our property is not in any risk.
We're crossing our fingers that we won't have to worry about that becoming a reality.

Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend!

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