Monday, June 13, 2011

We Have Some News to Share!!!

I've been dying trying not to say a word about this.
I wanted it to be a huge surprise.

We are having another Baby Girl!!!!

She will be coming to our family in October/November!?!
(I say that because I the Dr.'s keep bumping up the due date, plus it is going to be a C-Section and they don't want me to start labor.)

I had an Emergency C-Section with our first one and the Hospital's policy is that they will not do a natural deliver after there was a C-Section due to the risks involved.  
In all honesty am I excited about the delivery?  
Absolutely not!!
The first one was very scary, but I'm confident in the Dr.'s and the Hospital and they have assured me that this one will be much different.

My thinking is that she will be born in October sometime, and I can't wait!!!

We had the ultrasound on Friday and my Hubby, My Mom, My In-Laws, and our daughter were all there.
There is something so amazing and so mesmerizing about those ultrasounds.

I could watch that little person all day long if I could!

She is a busy little bee, she was playing with the umbilical cord, she has an adorable little button nose, and is simply a perfect little blessing.

So far she is weighing 8 oz., heartbeat was 140 beats per minute, and is developing right on schedule.

Here is a photo of her photo shoot.

Now comes the fun stuff....
Shopping, (lucky for us we have lots of pink stuff) deciding on a name, and getting ready!!!
(So we welcome any suggestions for names, if anybody's welcome to share.)
Thanks for stopping!



  1. I already told you congrats on FB, but I wanted to do it again! I love having two girls together. They are best friends and I love it!

  2. Thanks! I can't wait and really I wanted 2 girls. The hubby didn't, of course! How close together in age are yours? Ours will be about 2 1/2 years so I'm hoping they will still be friends.
    I want to be on your list for your blog so don't forget me.


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