Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Customer Appreciation Photos - Vinyl Canister Labels

It's been awhile...
so I thought I'd share these with you. 

These are some Customer Appreciation Photos 
from some of my vinyl sales.

 If you haven't visited my SHOP for awhile these are new and available for purchase.
Oh, and can I add.  They are totally customize-able.
You can choose the Font Style, Design (swirl, no swirl, brackets, etc.) and Color  .

I get really excited to see what you are doing with my designs and I really appreciate the photos.  
I love to see them in your homes!!!

Thank You Ladies!!

Oh, I almost forgot.  
Hello, to all me new followers/readers.  
I'm so glad you have decided joined the crazy ride.
Good Luck on the giveaway.  I could be featuring one of your design photos next!


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