Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pretty Darn Neat!

This last Friday I had the opportunity to meet some of my family at the airport to Welcome my Nephew home from his mission.

He served in Ohio for 2 years.  And from what I understand he was an amazing missionary and the people fell in love with him right away!!  When I hear this I thought to myself, what's not to love?!?  He is AMAZING!!!

We met up, had lunch, and then headed to the airport with balloons, posters, and banners.

My sister was so funny to watch.  When she watched him walk passed the doors and start heading down the escalator she gave out a squeal!!!  She had a Very Proud and Deserved Mama Moment.

There was tears shed and hugs were given.  It was so crazy to get to see him again.  I am so lucky to have him in my family and to call him my own.

Now, don't get me wrong I'm not taking any credit on raising him right.  (That was my sister and my parents.) I was the aunt that taught him things he shouldn't do like teasing and sometime hitting his younger brother so that it looked liked an "accident", or just to play the "stupid card" and act innocent.

He is such a good kid, a great inspiration, and I'm sure he will always be an Excellent Missionary.

His Homecoming is next weekend and there will lots of pictures so I will post more later and share more of the fun.


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