Monday, August 22, 2011


I just had THE most relaxing weekend.

The hubby took the little one to visit his parents for the weekend and I got to stay home by myself.
I never had to cook a meal, I ate whenever and whatever sounded good.  Even if it was cucumbers and pickles in ranch dressing.  Yummy!!!  I will eat that preggo or not!

I did whatever I wanted.
Some days I stayed in my PJ's until noon (or later).
I went through old clothes to get ready for the new little one to soon join our family.

***Eek!  I can't wait!!!***

I even started on the Birth Announcements so that I can have those ready to just fill in the blanks when she gets here and I'll I have to do is send them out.

If any my friends are reading this post they are thinking or even saying.  Yep, there she goes with her OCD.  (Obsessive Compulsive Behavior)  This is a joke but really I know that I show some signs and probably at more times than I realize.  But, hey there is nothing wrong with being organized, planning ahead, and having things in order.  MY ORDER!!!  He, He!!  See there it is!

So, I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
And thanks to my Hubby and His Family!!!  You are the best!
It truly was a great weekend and I can't believe how rested I feel!
Luv, Ya!


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