Monday, September 12, 2011

Moved by Emotion

I was truly touched yesterday by the support and recognition that was given to those brave men & women who have lost their lives on and since Sept. 11, 2001.
I was glued to our television yesterday morning and couldn't move away.
There were many times that I was moved to tears because of the heartache and healing that families were experiencing yesterday. 
I still cannot seem to forget some of the images that were shown and I have thought much about them since.
My deepest prayer is that they find comfort in their own time.  
Also that they remember that they too are HEROS!

I also feel that now is a good time to thank all the service men & women who have fought, are fighting, and are soon to be returning home.
Times like these are when you see the great in most people
and also the worst in others.  (Shame on you!!!)
You need to re-evaluate the freedoms you have and enjoy everyday and the sacrifices that others have endured for you.
You personally may not have been there or lost a loved one but that HUGE historic event has impacted you!

Please if you haven't taken a minute to reflect on your own thoughts and feelings that were created that day, do so now.  Sometimes fear keeps up from doing thing that we know we should but the best way to deal with it is Face to Face.


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