Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Words to an Old Song

My two year old LOVES music!
It is nothing to have her walking around the house, playing outside, or doing whatever when she will bust out in a song.
A while back we went for our usual Sunday drive and she was in the back of the car singing 
"Hush Little Baby"
(one of her favorites, right next to
 "Rock A Bye Baby")

The hubby and I let her sing to see what words she get right and just how stinkin' cute it is to hear her sing.

These are the words we hear...

"Hush Little Baby,
Don't Say a Word.
Daddy's Gonna Buy you a Treat!"

And a treat was what she got!
It was too cute not to reward her with such cleverness!
That is my girl, keep marching to your own beat.
Luv Ya!!!


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