Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who Would've Known?!?

It is such a privilege to have been a part of such a Great thing!
Ya Know, When you feel Warm and Fuzzy inside.

As some of you know I work part-time with the Juvenile Probation Department.
My official title is the Youth Court Coordinator.

I oversee a the Youth Court Program and in some counties it is known as "Night Court".  
It is for first time low risk offenders.  If they and their parents choose to participate in the program they will come to my program and go in front my Youth Court Panel.  The panel consists of high school students that decide the "fate" of the offender.  The panel members are volunteers that are looking for community service hours for scholarships or may be looking at fulfilling a career in this field.  
After working with some of these kids for so long I come to really appreciate them for who they are.  These really are great kids.  

This year we were able to do something different and unexpected.
We were able to reward two of our graduating panel members with $500.00 scholarships each to their college of choice.
This was the first year we have done this and can I tell you how awesome I felt!
There of course was criteria that needed to met.  They had to submit an application, write a biography about themselves, and these specific two donated a ton of service hours to the program to help it run smoothly.

The two recipients are now full-time college students and this is a message from one of them that I received this last week and I thought I'd share it with you...

"Hey thanks sooooooooo much. I appreciate it. I've really enjoyed my time on the panel. It's been these short two years that have given me inspiration and purpose in life."

Keep in mind, these are good kids, some have come from a rough home and had a hard life too, but they have made the most of their challenges and will be successful.  I have a feeling they will be!  At the time when I started supervising the program I didn't think I might have any influence on any kid or their life but I think I might have with this one.  All the years of being the bad person person because I put somebody in detention or in jail, or heaven forbid held someone accountable for their actions.  I knew that what I was doing was the right and much needed thing but I finally get hear a comment like this.

Thank You!  Thank You!!  Thank You!!!

Good Luck S & V!  I wish you the best!


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