Sunday, October 23, 2011

2011 Summer Recap

Someone told me that after my little one turned 1 the milestones would diminish.
Which, in a way I have to agree but.....

The milestones that were reached this year have been huge!!!

For instance -
#1 She can pedal and ride her own bike.
#2 She can swing all by herself.  
(That is when she wants, she still enjoys Mom & Dad pushing her so that she can go Big High.)
#3 Potty Training - Need I say anymore?!?
#4 Already can count to 13
#5 Knows her A,B,C's

Here's to a great summer.  I have enjoyed seeing the growth and change in you sweety!  
You are such a Big Girl with such a tender, sweet personality.  
I love you with all my heart and can't wait to see what you learn next!



  1. I love your blog. It's been a long time since I had looked at it and I have missed out on a ton of great stuff. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us. PS Your little girl grew up!

  2. Thanks Dannyel! I can't believe how big she has gotten and I hope she will always think of me as one of her Best Friends!


Thanks for the love!