Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Projects

 I know it has been awhile since I have posted but I promise I have been busy!
Here are a few projects that have been occupying my time...

Stuffed Fabric Pumpkins.

I have seen these all over the web and blog land.  I wanted some of my own but didn't want to pay the price.
I made them very simple.  I cut two square pieces of fabric with the top corners rounded, sewed right sides together, made and stuffed the vine and sewed that to the "body" pieces, stuffed with stuffing and some small sand bags(for weight so the crazy wind around here wouldn't blow them off my steps), and finished with a bow.  Simple, Simple, and so cute!

Silhouette Trick-or Treater

I seen this on Better Homes and Garden website.  I free handed the Witch, cut it out of wood, (and Yes, I know how to use a jigsaw, I love being out in the garage and being able to create something), spray painted, and stuck her out in front of our house.  I even added a spotlight to shine on her so that she is noticeable at night and driving by the house.  I think on Halloween night I'll fill the bucket with candy.  EEEK!  Can I tell you how much my daughter loves this Witch?  She thinks she is totally fun!

Trick-or-Treat Bag

What is a custom without a Trick-or-Treat bag to store all your loot?
I made this for my daughter who is pretty excited to be going out this year.  I'm crossing my fingers the weather is nice and not raining or snowing, since in this area, ANYTHING is possible.  I found a simple pattern on-line for the bag.  It is the perfect size for my little one.  It is not too big or too small.  I simply used my computer to print off the lettering and used Heat & Bond.  (This stuff is the bomb, if you haven't used it I highly recommend it.)  All you do is cut out your image, apply the Heat & Bond with a hot iron, peel off the backing, and iron it onto your project.  You can sew if you so choose to which adds great detail and personalty but I opted not to.  It looked like a lot of work going around each letter.  I added the little flowers and instead of sewing them onto the bag I sewed some button holes so that the flowers can be taken off the bag and used for hair clips.  Since that is how I finished up the bows is with an alligator clip for a cute little girls hair.  Want to know the best thing about this bag?  The eyes on the fabric are glow-in-the-dark.  Added bonus.  I didn't know but when I finished up the bag I turned off the light since it was getting late and discovered that the "eyes" were glowing!  I almost couldn't believe it.  What an great bag I just created for Trick-Or-Treating!!!

Are you all ready for Halloween?  I have shifted into overdrive to hopefully get things done before the newest little one gets her.  Plus it is helping to pass the time a little faster.  Hope everyone's having a great day!!!


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