Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween Photos

I know these pictures are really late, but better late than never, Right?!?

This year we all carved pumpkins.  We did it early so needless to say they didn't last too long.  
I wanted to do it before the baby got here so we could all have some fun and fun we had!!

Just look at that face!!

Ellie was a little skunk and Oh, So Cute!!!

 I attempted to sew the custom and thanks to my Mother in Law that Dream became a Reality.  
I bit off more than I could chew on this project.  Thank You!!!

Here are my two favorite girls.  

 After Ellie got home all she wanted to do was hold her sister.  She wasn't really interested in her candy.

Can you believe that after only going to 3 houses she filled her bucket 1/2 full?!?  This little girl is loved by more than just us!

(Plus I swore when I found out that we were having another girl I wasn't going to dress them alike, and look at what I got sucked into.  And on the first Holiday after Emerie was born!)

So Sweet!  And a such a good Big Sister!!!


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