Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fun & Easy Flip Flops

It is getting closer to the time of year when these little cuties will be the only thing on my daughter's feet.  The weather was so nice, but this week it looks like we are in for some rain, snow, and cooler temps.  But once it decides to stay nice she'll have some sweet new kicks, great for the spring and summer weather!  If you would like to make some for yourself or for someone else keep on reading.  They are so easy to make!  If you cut strips of ribbon and tie a knot you will be known as a DIY Crafter!

First you need a pair of Flip Flops.  They don't need to be expensive.  These were purchased from Old Navy.  I think they were 2 pair for $5.00.  You will also need a variety of ribbon in different colors and patterns.  I purchased a set of ribbons from the Ribbon Retreat.  If you haven't visited this website you have to check it out.  The have a great selection of ribbons and fabric.

Cut strips of ribbon in the length you prefer.  Wrap the ribbon around the strap and simply tie a knot.  Keep tieing until you have filled in all the empty space on the straps.

To help the ribbon to keep from fraying I cut the ribbon on an angle and used a small amount of Fray Check on the ends.

Then put them on your cute little model and watch as the ribbons flop as she walks.  Too Cute!! 


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