Monday, March 19, 2012


I mentioned earlier that we celebrated a Party at our house.
This post is to tell you all about how things went down.

Our daughter recently turned 3!!!
I know I'm still in shock and somewhat in denial.
Our little girl is growing up and growing up fast!

This year her request was for a "Yellow Birthday".
Which is kind-of funny because for her first birthday I also went with a Yellow Theme.
(It must've been momma's intution, that I would guess her Fav. Color!) 
Her request was for Balloons, Party Hats and a Cake.
I love how the simplest things make her so happy!

The day started at 6:00 am so her dad could see her open up her gifts before he had to leave for work.  She had no problems being up that early and went strong up until her nap time and crashed. It was nothing short of fun and tons of excitement!

We had Yellow Cake, Cupcakes,  Balloons, Bows, and Ribbon, Labels, Straws, and Noodles for lunch.

I tried a new Cake & Frosting recipe for the occassion and it turned out Fabulous!
Here is a link to both
This was enough batter to make 12 cupcakes and the cake.
It made A Lot!  But it is great for a Party!!
I took the suggestion and added lemon extract for flavor to match the color.  Yum-oh!! 

She even got a gift that had a Yellow shirt and belt that I had made just for her!
Also if you are interested in making your own belt, here is a link to that site...
Super easy and very cute!  She has wore that belt almost everyday since!


I have really enjoyed her tenderness along with the pure joy and happiness that she brings into my life each and every day!  
(Need I mention I was only a minute away from crying the whole day. It was such an emotional roller coaster for me. I'm not sure why but, this milestone hit me extra hard.  I have turned into such a cryer with this whole motherhood thing!)

I Love This Little Girl!!!

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