Friday, April 27, 2012

Young Womens New Beginnings Sun Jars

This post is a little late but since it was such a fun and easy project I had to share it!

Keep in mind these could be used for so many themes, parties, or events.
Simply change the wording or the colors.
Wouldn't it be great done in a variety of shapes and sizes of jars?!?

 (Lights on)

I was in charge of the decorations and the take home item for New Beginnings this year.  We have approximately 36 girls to plan for and as always we were on a budget so I had to get creative and think outside the box!!!

(Can I tell you how much I love a good challenge?!? )

I was inspired by this item I had seen on Pinterest.

When I was doing the research, we just couldn't make it work for our budget.

I also used the 2012 Young Womens theme,

Arise and Shine Forth

 They were simple, cheap, and oh so adorable.
Again, I failed to take photos along the way but these are simple enough I'm sure I can explain the steps without the photos.


*Canning Jars (in any size or shape)
              These were purchased at Walmart on clearance.  1 doz. for $5.00.  YEAH!!!
*Battery Powered Tealights  
*Spray Paint (Frosted Glass)
*Fabric Circles

(Lights off)

Step #1.  Spray the jars with the spray paint.  (It was super easy and I was amazed at the effect it had on the jars.)
Step #2.  Drop the Tealights inside the jars.
Step #3.  Place fabric between the jar lid and flat.
Step #4.  Tighten the lid on the jar.
Step #5.  Apply Vinyl.
Step #6.  Continue above steps 35 times.
Step #7.  Step back and admire your work.

I hope the girls enjoy their "Sun Jars" and they "Help to light their way."



  1. Cute jars! I've always loved this idea and I'm thinking of making some for my daughter's birthday!
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank You Sarah!! Great party by the way and you totally should try this project. Your daughter would love them!!

  2. What a cute little party idea! Bookmarked this for wedding ideas. Now following through gfc. Love from Whimsically Homemade!

  3. Thank You for stopping by!! These would make great center pieces or decor items for a wedding, great idea!!


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