Friday, April 20, 2012

Pinterest Knock-off Project

Weathered Wood, Stenciled Vinyl, & Paint! 

This is a Wall Hanging or Shelf Sitter Decor. Piece.  It is a Pinterest Knockoff and I am not sure where or who created the original project.  So....if there is anybody out there that can/will provide me with the original details I would greatly appreciate the help!  I would love to post back to the original designer if possible.

The project was simple, but Yes, time consuming.

I didn't take photos during the process for a couple of reasons.
#1.  The original idea wasn't mine.
#2  I was in a rush to get it finished and whenever I had time to work on it was usually when the kiddos were sleeping which meant it was night time and that equals horrible lighting!!

The wood was so fun to see the transformation.  The wood went from brand new to worn and weathered.  I did a quick and simple white wash, then stained over the top covering the paint and bare wood.  Next, I cut out the saying with vinyl but instead of leaving the lettering as the sticker I removed the letters to leave a stencil.  I placed the stencil directly on the wood and starting hand painting where the letters once were.  (Some would've used spray paint for this step but I wanted to have more control, since I didn't want to mess up the first step, since I was so happy with the way it looked.)  The final step was a layer of clear coat protectant to seal and protect the paint and stain. 

I will promise that when I do another project that is similar I will take photos along the way so that you can understand the process better.  I am currently rolling around some ideas in my head of how it will work.
Thanks for stopping and have a great weekend!!

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