Saturday, May 12, 2012

Celebrate the Ladies!!

I know I have been very sparse and have not been posting a lot lately.  And... I apologize!!

I am sure you all can understand, This is Life.  Life is busy and you get pulled in every direction.

Today is Mother's Day and I just wanted to wish a wonderful day to all those special women in my life.  My Mom, my Mother-In-Law, my Sister, and all those who I have adopted as my mom and I so appreciate them adopting me as their daughter, and my friends.  Everybody out there who is a mom or has a mom to be grateful for, Happy Mother's Day.  Celebrate who you are, You are Wonderful!

There has been some very sad and tragic news on some of the blogs I follow and read up on regularly.  Losses are never easy to face and my hearts goes out to those at this time.  Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.  When events such as these take place it makes you sit back and be so very grateful for your family.  I truly love mine so very much!!

I never understood what unconditional love was and how much I could love another person the way I love my kids until I was blessed with my two babies.  They are my joy, and my best friends!  We are like peas in a pod.  We laugh, dance, and cry together.  They make me whole!

"This angel I see, a little version of me. Skin as perfect as porcelein an pearls.
 Made so beautifully, I can hardly believe. Now I'm sitting on top of the world."

"Tiny hands held in mine, as I look in your eyes, makes the love that I have unfurl.  You were sent from above, unconditional love.  Now I'm sitting on top of  the world." 

Please let those ladies know you care and go easy on yourself.  It's your day to celebrate too!

Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. Adorable girls!!! I was just thinking that I don't think that I had seen a picture of your new little girl. Hope all is well! Hayley

  2. Awww, Hayley you are so sweet! We think they are pretty cute, kissable, and fun all wrapped up in precious little bodies! Thank you for stopping and for your support and friendship.
    Take care!


Thanks for the love!