Thursday, May 24, 2012

What a Rough Week!

It has been a rough couple of days, well... let me say a week.

Our oldest daughter has been sick.  It started as fever last Wed. and a Dr. telling us that she didn't have a sore throat and her lungs sounded fine.  That very same day, the hubbs ended up with Bursitis on his elbow, and ended with a Dr. visit on Sat.  A few days later on Sun. our little girls' fever turned into a horrible cough and a very sore throat.  She ended up needing an antibiodic on Mon.  The baby started with a fever on Sun., but Monday the fever was gone and no other symptoms followed. 

Let me tell ya, I should have invested some stocks in Clorox Wipes. 

I am a firm believer in Sanitation but when I think there are germs floating around.  I go into combat mode!!  Plus I LOVE the smell!!!  So fresh and clean!

I started getting over confident.  Thinking I was going to skate through without anything.  Then BAM!!  This morning, a very hurty headache, stuffy nose, and watery eyes.  And the wee one she has started to cough.  Oh man!  Who is going to wipe things down when it is me that is sick?!?  Oh, and to top it off the Hubbs had to go back to the Dr. today for another perscription for antibiodic and anti-inflamatory since along with Bursitis he now has an infection in his elbow. 

Things have not been going our way. 

But... There are many things I'm thankful for through all of this.  Long weekends, modern medicine, and most of all my family.  Love' em!!  We will be doing a whole bunch of nothing this long weekend.

I do have to admit that I kind-of laugh when our oldest talks with her stuffy nose.  She sounds so cute!  Once I know  that they are on the mend that is. 

This to will pass and will be back to our crazy, busy selves.  I just thought I'd let you know what was and has been happening around here in case you missed me.

Have yourselves a great weekend!

Be Safe!!

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