Thursday, November 8, 2012

American Pride

I just had to share this video clip with you all. 

This is my oldest daughter reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Let me back up and give you some info. on this and the reason for the post. I was on the fence about putting her into preschool this year, afterall, she is only 3. 

 I didn't know if she was ready, I was nervous about her making friends, and the whole adjustment of being away from me and home. I also had mixed feelings about letting someone else take her for a couple of hours for a couple of days a week.  (I might be slightly protective.)  Since, really she was the reason I didn't return back to work full-time, so I could be her Mom, she could be at home with me, and I could teach her what she needed to learn. 

 Everyday we ask her what she did and what she learned at school  Her replies are alway very basic and simply her.  Responses such as, I played with my friends, I had a treat,  so and so fell out their chair, etc....
Then one day the hubs heard her saying the Plede of Allegiance.  He didn't catch onto what she was saying until somewhere in the middle.  He asked her to start over so he could hear the whole thing, which she did, the whole way through, without hesitation, or mistake.  He later convinced her to recite it for me and again, not a stumble, or bauble.  So I captured it.  I mean come on, isn't adorable???  

I Love It!!!

So, did it ease my worries and fears about the whole Preschool concern?  No, not all the way.  Do I feel better about the whole thing?  Yes!  I mean, you can't fly unless you have wings.  I am completely impressed  and touched with her teachers for instilling these values and patriotism into her at such a young age.  

Thank You!!!

Talk to you soon!!!

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