Saturday, November 17, 2012

Organization of the Spice Jars

I felt that now was a good time to share this post with all my readers. 

 It is a crazy time of year but sometimes a little organization helps out a ton!!

This was a custom order for a fabulous customer, and can I say that I am amazed at how many spices there are?!?  I thought I was pretty up on the spices and availabilty, but.... after some of the requests that I have been receiving, I think I need to do some more cooking! 

Miss A. was such a brave customer, she even sent me a before of her spice drawer.  


EEK!! GASP!!  HACK!!  

Ha! No, not bad at all and can I say that I have seen worse??


Doesn't that look great?!?  

Miss A. obviously has a great space and a great idea.  She simply puts all of her spices in a drawer and requested that the labels fit on top of the lids so the names are visible as she looks into the drawer to pull out whatever spice she is in need of.

I just want to tell all my customers how much I appreciate their photos and feedback. 
I couldn't do what I do with my business without you, your support, and ideas.
So keep em' coming!!
I love you guys!!!
Thank You!!! 

So, if you are in need of something in particular, let me know.  Together, we should be able to make it happen.

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