Friday, November 30, 2012

Ornaments with Vinyl

Christmas is right around the corner, do you have your tree, lights, and other festive decor up???

 We do, and I must confess, it was up before Thanksgiving!!! 
 I know it is horrible, we bought a new tree and once it was in the house, well... I couldn't leave it sitting all lonely in the box.  So up it went!

And... I have loved it!!!

 For those of you who don't have yours up, I have recently listed some simple and fun Glass Ornaments available for purchase in my Etsy Shop. (Oh, did I mention that they have vinyl on them? You should have known they would, right?!?)

Set of 12 Ornaments

Set of 10 Ornaments with Ribbon

So, if you are interested in either one of these sets, head on over to my shop.  There are only Two (2) sets available, so when they are gone, sadly, they are gone.

I hope this post finds everyone Healthy and Happy. 
There is something magical about this time of year.  
The excitement and anticipation is starting to grow at our house.  
(It might be coming more from me and the hubby than the kiddos, HA!)

I have tried to get stuff done early so that I can enjoy the days of Christmas with the lil'ones.  
They are only little once and I can't wait to savour every moment with them.

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