Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pantry Glass Door with Wheat - Vinyl Wall Art, Graphics & Lettering

I recently had a customer search me out and find my ETSY store. 

He had the request for a Pantry Sticker to go on his glass door in his kitchen.  
At first I thought, that can't be too hard of a request to fill, so I eagerly said YES!!
(Which, keep in mind, I sometimes take off too much than I can handle.  Yes, me.)

He forwarded me some images and they were similar to the designs you see when the design has been etched on the door.  Seeing the images and the details I started to panic.  
(I never want to disappoint a customer after I have already promised I would deliver.)

But after some trial and error.  I finally got it right and met his approval.


He was also kind enough to send me a picture and gave me permission to share with you.

I love those projects that you are so proud of  in the end but in the beginning you start to doubt yourself and think, Maybe I can't do this.  But, you push those thoughts aside and keep on truckin'.  This was one of them for me and I think it looks FABULOUS!!!

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