Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Family Takes a Utah Vacation

 If you noticed from my previous post I mentioned that my family recently went on a 
It was only for a weekend and we didn't go far, but it was just what we needed.

"The Hubby" had been working some very long days so it seemed like we hadn't really seen him leading up to the time when we left.  Also for those that don't know our family has been super sick this winter.  
We put pens to paper and realized that we spent as much money when we had "Baby Girly #2" as we spent on Dr. visits!!!  
(Ugh...That wasn't a sad realization for us!) 
In fact our "Oldest Girly" had her Tonsils and Adnoiods out and Tubes put in her ears this winter.
Which has made a huge difference for her.
(So grateful for modern medicine & practices.)

I'm sure you are all dying to know where we went and for those of you that hadn't either talked to me, went with me, or I was lucky enough to meet up, we went to...

Salt Lake City UT

Our first stop was Hogle Zoo.

My In-Laws meet up with us at the zoo and vacaid with us. 
It was lots of to share that time with them.
The weather was perfect and "The Girlies" loved it!
The weather was great, it wasn't super busy,
and we even got to see a baby elephant, giraffe, and lots of little monkeys.

After the Zoo we went to The Cheesecake Factory.  
It was the first time for any of us to eat at a Cheesecake Factory, all I can say was 
It was to to die for good!  
I highly recommend it if you haven't eaten there and if you have go again for us!

From there we had to stop at BUILD A BEAR
"Girly #1" got a Kitty (Sparkles) & "Baby Girly" got a Bear (Bubbles)
They loaded up with Clothes, Shoes, Ipod, and Stollers for each one, 
oh and they also got to pick a smell so each of them smell like strawberries.  
At first I thought yuck, but it smells so Yummy!

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in West Valley UT

It had an awesome water park called Grins & Finns.
"Baby Girly" enjoyed time on the slide and "Girly #1" made some new friends.

They also test drove a car while shopping at the mall ~ Ha!!!

We also were able to visit with some friends of ours from way back, it is always like things never change between us.  In fact she knows more about me than anybody and she still talks to me.  
Isn't that what true friends are for?!?
The Hubby teases me and says that we are only complete when we are together.  But when we are together, Watchout...cuz you two are trouble!!  
I will forever be grateful for our friendship! 
I only wish we were closer. 

We also shopped at Cabelas
(if you know "The Hubby" and my Father In-Law you know why that was a must.)
IKEA, Tai Pan Trading, and the Outlet Stores in Lehi UT.

Like I mentioned it wasn't a huge trip or a bank breaker.
It was a nice, simple, easy getaway with my family. 
We didn't have to worry about work or the stresses of everyday life.

I hope that we can make this at least a yearly experience, because sometimes you just need to get away!!!

Hope you enjoy time with your family this weekend!

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