About Me

Hi There!!

I'm Tara. I have started this business because I love it! I love the versatility of the whole thing.  I have to have change and this is perfect. I will put up a design but when I am tired of it, the vinyl comes down and a new design goes up. There are sooooo many options to this.  

I have done some for decor., business banners, vehicle decals/advertisement, and soon will have clothing iron on designs. If there is something you want or you have something specific in mind let me know I'd love to help you out!!

If you want to know more about me I come from a small town and love that feeling.  I am a family girl who is fortunate to be a stay at home mom with our little girl.  I do have a part-time job working at our local Juvenile Probation Office.  I work as our Youth Court Coordinator, which means I hold court hearings at night.  This is for kids that don't have a juvenile record and instead of going in front of the Juvenile Judge they go in front of our Youth Court Jury.  (This is the same place where I started my career as a Probation Officer, I have to admit was a major accomplishment for me.)  This is not even close to the career I would have chosen for myself, but somethings are just meant to be.  I do have a degree in Architectural Drafting and Interior Design. I know completely different!!  

If you have any questions, just ask.  I hope to working with you soon.  

Thanks for stopping!